Domestic Air Ticketing


India has undergone a massive infrastructural economic boom in last 15 years which has changed the standard of living and lifestyle of people. After the impact of globalization and privatization in 1990, India opened all its gates for foreign investor companies to start their business in Indian Market, underlying the prior focus on mutual exchange of technology and growth. Travel and tourism is such industry which transformed itself to modern amenities of the technologies running worldwide.

The change was so immense, that people’s travel habits changed significantly. Interestingly, people who once travelled in AC Railway coaches made the switch to the low cost carriers. The cheap cost of domestic air tickets made them comparable to railway AC ticket fares which urged people to make a flight booking instead of travelling via train. No frills airlines pushed the cost of air tickets down further making everybody’s dream of flying a reality.

With the metros covered, flights now seem to be focusing on the smaller cities in India for getting flight bookings like Nagpur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Kozhikode and others which cater to the segment of passengers looking for booking flights to their hometown.

The future of domestic airlines in India looks bright with prospects of the Indian aviation sector opening up allowing international players to enter the domestic space and offer even more competitive cheap domestic air tickets for the Indian passengers to choose from. A market growth of roughly 15 percent and the latent potential trapped in the smaller towns of India all make for compelling reasons why flight booking numbers should go up significantly. Rising domestic incomes of India’s strong middle class means options will be available for the full service airlines as well. All in all it is advantageous to the customer as domestic airlines in india fight it out to give the customer the best and cheapest domestic air ticket options possible. The only threat in terms of the industry might be the rising crude oil prices and subsequently the high operating costs of the domestic airlines. However, players like Indigo Airlines have shown that it is possible to be a low cost domestic airline and also do well financially.

Top domestic airlines in India operating throughout the country are:-

  IndiGo Airlines : -An affordable Private domestic passenger airline located in Gurgaon, Haryana serving cheap domestic flights across 17 cities in India.
  Jet Airways: -The second largest Airline Service of India as a leader in domestic sector and operating worldwide across 68 destinations.
  Air India: - India’s oldest national airline serving across 100 cities, located in Mumbai which follows a worldwide channel of passengers & Cargo Service.
  GoAir : - A minimal-cost airline passenger service that provides cheap domestic air tickets is located in Mumbai and flies across 11 cities in India.
  Indian Airlines :- The oldest state-owned domestic airline in India, since 1953 especially popular for its reliability & value for money.
  Kingfisher Airlines: - The finest luxury airlines of India serving within and worldwide across 80 destinations, located in Mumbai, Owned by King of Good Times Vijay Mallya.
  Air India Express: - A subsidiary based low cost airline of Air-India which operates international mainly to Middle East & Southeast Asia.
  JetLite: - An Airline controlled by Jet Airways for Domestic Flight Service covering the major Cities of India, based in Mumbai.
  Spice Jet - The leading cheap domestic airline in India, which covers almost all the cities of India